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Gutter Cleaning Getting the leaves cleaned out of your gutters is important. All of the water should flow down the spouts and away from the house and foundation. Overflowing gutters cause many minor problems and potentially a few major ones. …

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Graffiti can be very difficult to remove. It is important to remove it as soon as possible as a deterrence. Outdoor ProWash strives to move quickly for this reason.

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Brick and stone retaining wall pressure washing.Outdoorwash.com This was posted on Google+

Outdoor ProWash soft wash power washed this chimney. outdoorwash.com This was posted on Google+

A pressure washer in the wrong hands can be dangerous and damaging to property. A pressure washer in the hands of a wise and experienced technician can add value to a property way above and beyond the cost. New technology …

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So you have dirty vinyl siding.  You need a vinyl siding cleaning solution and some cleaning products.Vinyl siding cleaning productsinclude bleaches and various detergents. You will need a brush. A good vinyl siding cleaning brushhas soft bristles and is medium in …

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Pressure Washing keeps your property’s exterior clean and presentable. You love your home and take pride in it. Pressure washing and alternative ways of proper cleaning can be done safely by professionals. You want to have a healthy home and …

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The dirt from this parking lot is being tracked onto the sidewalk and into the store. A simple pressure washing on a frequent basis would stop the problem in it’s tracks (Pun intended). There is dirt. grease and oil present …

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Black Streaks on Roof and Green Stuff on Siding Blacks Streaks on Roof We will start with black streaks on roof. They are layers of micro-organisms. At first you won’t see anything for a few years from the time your …

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Power Washing a Fence When power washing a fence there is a proper way to do a thorough job. Here is an old fence that has not been maintained regularly. It is covered in mold and lichen. We applied our detergent …

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