Pressure Washing Vinyl Siding (Public Service Message)

The power washing season is just a few week away. In fact it we are already seeing an increase in business. Many of you don’t have your home power washed every year so I wanted to give you some pointers. Anyone can buy or rent a pressure washer. It is an easy business to get into. This means there are unskilled and unqualified individuals out there learning on unsuspecting home owners. I am not talking about your son-in-law (though this could be an issue for many as well, read on) or grandson.

Some learned pressure washing vinyl siding from Google!

Where do you think these guys learn how to do it? Your first guess is right, Google! And every thing on Google is true! ;-) Google is a great resource, I am not knocking it by any means.

Will your house wash guy blast it or bleach it?

Here’s what happens every year. Guys get into pressure washing vinyl siding. There are two main ways they will wash a house. One is by brute force blasting away at the dirt. The other is by splashing the house with a lot of bleach. Have you ever heard about how bad bleach is for your plants?!! This is because of these bleach splashing guys.

Vinyl Siding Cleaning
High Pressure from a Ladder.

Danger Danger!

The high pressure method is dangerous for the cleaning guy and for your house. The splash and dash bleach guy can kill all your plant life and leave your siding with chalkiness or worse, it could actually cause pitting in the siding. It will oxidize paint causing premature failure. These things are rarely a natural occurrence.

Before you hire the guy putting flyers on your mailbox, make sure he is insured. He should have a business license, liability insurance and work comp or an exemption. If they don’t have all of these, they are fly-by-night and you should resist the temptation of a cheaper price. Cheaper price is usually another clue since their price is what they want for a paycheck and will barely cover expenses for a legitimate business. Probably more details than you wanted, but I see this all the time and wanted to let as many people know before the season get off to a start.

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