Starting a Pressure Washing Business

A pressure washing business can be a way to earn a very good income. You first need to have training and experience. Business and accounting knowledge are invaluable as well. As a pressure washing business owner you will have to wear many hats.Pressure washing services are in demand, but it can be very competitive. Knowing your market is important. Pressure washing includes residential, commercial and industrial services. Specializing can help you to be the authority in your area of preference. As a specialist your clients will be confident you have the knowledge and experience to complete the job as expected.

The right pressure washing equipment for your specialty is important so you can be efficient and reliable at your job. There are different types of frames, configurations, engines, burners, pumps, hoses, wands, fittings, swivels, accessories and attachments. Know what’s available and what will help with your area of expertise.

Pressure washing prices will be based on your knowledge of material costs, time involved, equipment used and what you and your employees need to make. Competitors can be pretty cheap and it will ultimately be up to you to find innovative ways to get the job done. You will also have to determine what you and your staff will make. Trust me there are companies out there paying people almost nothing, so it will be hard to compete on price alone if you care about yourself, your family and your employees.

Pressure washing chemicals are a big part of the business. You will need to find quality products and select the right ones for the right job. You may be able to use phosphates on a house wash job, but not on a commercial sidewalk. This is due to environmental concerns. This chemical is great for landscaping, but bad for fish and water quality. You can eliminate the need for chemicals in some applications, but in other cases you will rely heavily on them.

Pressure washing companies are all over the globe and growing. Most are here in the US, the UK and Australia. You will find you are competing with more than just other pressure washing companies. Construction companies of all types will engage in pressure washing. Especially on larger projects.

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