Vinyl Siding Cleaning for DIY

So you have dirty vinyl siding.  You need a vinyl siding cleaning solution and some cleaning products.Vinyl siding cleaning productsinclude bleaches and various detergents. You will need a brush. A good vinyl siding cleaning brushhas soft bristles and is medium in size. Onvinyl siding cleaning mildew can be a challenge. Especially when there is major build up. Good vinyl siding cleaning tips are a must. If this gets too involved and you determine there is more to it than you want to commit you can call a good local vinyl siding cleaning service. Some properties are just more work and really need a professional. Pros will have all the necessary vinyl siding cleaning tools and the job will get done properly and efficiently. To do a good job you will need the right vinyl siding cleaning chemicals. These chemicals will need to be used safely and with care. Always read the warning labels. Most vinyl siding cleaning companies use chlorine. This can be very effective when used properly, but can cause damage if you don’t understand how to use it. Rinsing thoroughly is one good tip to follow. Before you get started be sure you have all the vinyl siding cleaning supplies you need.

Hire a pro! If that is not an option. You can use bleach and dish liquid in a pump sprayer. Wear protective clothing, gloves, safety glasses a hat, boots and a respirator. Rinse off or cover plants. If covering plants be careful as this could damage them if it is hot outside. Rinsing is best if you are diligent. In a gallon sprayer pour in a pint of bleach and fill the rest with water. Add a dab of dish liquid. Mix gently and apply to small sections of siding with mildew on it. Let dwell for a few minutes do not let it dry. The liquid will start turning the mildew brown. If it starts to dry spray more cleaner on it. The stain may disappear. When it turns really light rinse it with water. A garden hose with good water pressure will be fine. Just make sure you rinse it all. To check if it is rinsed, remove your glove, touch the wet siding and rub your fingers together. If the water is slippery you need to rinse more. Just repeat until your entire house is done. Be safe, don’t climb on ladders. If you have hard to reach areas get an extension pole, do your best from the ground or hire a pro.



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