Power Washing a Fence in Mt Juliet TN (Pressure Washing)

Power Washing a Fence Mt Juliet TN
Power washing a fence Mt Juliet TN – Dirty Fence

Power Washing a Fence

When power washing a fence there is a proper way to do a thorough job. Here is an old fence that has not been maintained regularly. It is covered in mold and lichen. We applied our detergent in 100 foot lengths and rinsed with a low pressure 40 degree nozzle.

Below here you can see the fence after rinsing. It is much cleaner now and after application of a neutralizer and some drying time it will be ready to stain with a penetrating oil stain. It’s going to look great!

Fence Cleaning and Staining Mt Juliet TN
Fence Cleaning Mt Juliet TN – Clean Fence


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