Pressure Washing Prices

Pricing for your Pressure Washing Project

For pressure washing prices, you can look at $.10 to $.75 per square foot of surface area. Some surfaces take more time to clean, and some surfaces are more or less accessible. Sometimes, high spaces can be accessed from the ground very easily. Other times, they require special equipment and/or more time to reach. Some cases require easy pressure washing, and some are more difficult. Sometimes chemicals are used or hot water, possibly both.

House Washing: $.20-$.30/SF – More about house washing prices

Roof Cleaning: $.30-$.40/SF

Concrete Pressure Washing/Flat Surfaces: $.25-$.35/SF

Deck Power Washing: $.50-$.75/SF

Pressure Washing can run between $150 and $600 per hour. It depends on the equipment used, preparation involved, and the ability of the professional.

What are you paying for?

Pricing for pressure washing services factors in a few things. First and foremost, who will be doing the work really matters. You’re looking to get work done, but you also know that you can’t just hire anyone. You need someone who has the right qualifications. I can go on about all of the bad experiences I have heard, so I will view this from a positive perspective. Let’s say all workers are created equal. What else goes into the finished product beside the actual labor…

Insurance: You want someone who has insurance. General Liability is what protects the customer. Commercial Auto and also Work Comp. This will be priced into the job.

Preparation: I can go into all of the educational and skills of the worker, but we will assume our guy already has all that. Preparation will include all of the things a power washing expert can do before arrival. The truck will be work ready. This can shave hours off the time spent at the job site. Preparation is the difference between spending 3 hours on the job and only spending one hour. So upon arrival much of the work can already be done by the technician. Plus the travel time. Worker are paid for the job from the time they clock in until they clock out. This is priced into the job cost.

Fuel: No matter the price of fuel, you can’t disregard thithat is factored into the overall price. Fuel used will include gasoline for the truck which carries all of the equipment needed. It will also include fuel for equipment used such as the pressure washer itself. A pressure washing machine can use both gas and diesel if it has heated water. A machine can use over 26 gallons of fuel in a normal shift. This really can add up.

Equipment: Vehicles, machines and all equipment used will need to be maintained, repaired and/or replaced. Each item gets broken down and priced into the job.

Taxes: This is a biggie because you will pay your taxes, the vendor/pressure washer’s taxes and any employees hired. We don’t normally talk about it this way, but when you think about it, that is what we pay every time we make a purchase. When all things are done correct and legal, this will be the case. It’s built into the price.

Company Profit: Besides employee wages a company will require a profit in order to reward and also put back for growth opportunities and upgrades as time goes on.

Other overhead such as licensing, banking fees, interest if there are loans, etc. can add up.

Rent: A company will need a place for doing paperwork and storage of company property.

Continuing Education: Many companies will attend industry seminars, classes and training events or trade shows in order to up with new trends and developments.

Talent: Ok. Let’s circle back here. You want great talent. You may not always need the best, but when someone practices their trade for many years, they are building value that can be delivered in the work they do for you. A company can acquire many talents.

In Closing

There are many items in pressure washing pricing above that can be cut out. You might save. The thing you won’t get is a good long term relationship with your power washer. Making cuts with some of the above makes a risk for the consumer and others. Either way, the relationship can’t last if certain basics are not factored in to the pressure washing price.

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