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What goes into house washing prices?

When you are looking into house washing prices, you know you want the best person for the job. That’s because you are having someone clean your most valuable asset. At least in most cases. So you certainly don’t want anything bad to happen. However, you want much good to happen. When washing the house you want a good plan. The customer always pays for materials and overhead costs. You certainly want good quality for your spending.

What is going into the house wash?

When pricing a house wash job, one must consider many factors. Such things like hard to reach areas and tough stains. Some hard to reach areas can be dormers, high gutters and tall rake boards. Tough stains include rust, oil and various mineral stains and hydrocarbon stains.

We also have to consider the materials that are being washed. There are different types of siding and also the materials might be configured in position that let them accumulated heavier soil. Heavier soil is more difficult to clean.

The level of ease of difficulty along with the time spent and materials used are directly associated with the cost.

What are we looking at House Washing price wise?

Well, when you get down to brass tacks, A vinyl sided house could be easier to clean because of the smooth surface, but think about this: A vinyl sided house can also accumulate heavier soil on certain sides in my area here in Nashville TN.

Brick can be more difficult to clean, but also usually does not accumulate as much soil. Eifs/Stucco Siding is a combination of brick and siding when it come to ease or difficulty. It is the worst of both worlds. Eifs/Stucco get heavy soil and is difficult to clean.

Vinyl Siding houses typically run between $.20 and $.30 per square foot

Brick houses are about the same as vinyl on average.

Eifs/Stucco houses can run between $.25 and $.35 per square foot. This material is worth paying a little more to clean, but you also have to understand that it can absorb permanent or very stubborn stains on occasion.

House Wash Pricing in a Nut Shell

When you have your house washed, it’s great to understand what you should be looking for. As the owner of a pressure washing company, I really try to keep this in mind and provide the absolute best value possible. You need to look around your house. See all of the areas that need cleaning. There are different soil amount and surface texture to consider. When a pressure washing contractor bid the work, they need to group things together. That’s why we have packages. There is a house washing package and a break down of everything that will include. Same for a roof cleaning and concrete pressure washing.

Then there are possible gaps. A gap is when the quote excludes something in between two items. There is a gap in the quote. A gap, as an example, is a retaining wall that does not get included in a house wash quote or a concrete quote.

A house wash, in my opinion, should include the foundation to the gutters and any siding or trim including above the roof line such as dormers. We should clean and rinse off the windows and trim thoroughly.

Depending on who is doing the work it can take a different amount of time to complete the house wash. When a house washer cleans very quickly, it doesn’t have to mean they rushed through he job. It can be just the fact they have great equipment they have invested in and a good process for cleaning that reduces redundancies. Yes, you also could have experienced someone who rushed the process and did poor work.

How important is the price?

The price and your budget need to be compatible for sure. You also must realize what you are getting for the price and the value that will bring for your money’s worth. A less quality or less experienced service provider should charge a lower price in order to gain a reputation. You should be careful with hiring a service provider who has less experience while charging a top tier price.

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