Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing
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Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing is a broad term for which there is such a diverse range of potential activities. From the many various residential surfaces to heavy industrial cleaning. Cleaning and removal of many contaminants from mold to grease to coatings removal. The key is to remove contaminants and while achieving desired results. We don’t want to cause damage to the various surfaces we are working on.

You always have the option of blasting away your surface contaminants and then doing the repair work later. One example is with exterior house painting. An inexperienced painter whose main objective is painting may blast away at the surface causing minor defects and possibly leaving a fair amount of contaminants on the surface. The painter can sand the surface later. A pressure washing contractor might use professional eco friendly detergents to remove unwanted material leaving little to no requirement for sanding. Either way is fine depending on whether you have a professional power wash contractor available.

Other surfaces include heavy equipment cleaning. This can be a very greasy job which would require the use of warm water and a good professional strength degreaser. You would want to keep down on the pressure so you are careful not to penetrate any bearing or oil seals in the process. Here you may want to hire a heavy equipment specialist or power wash contractor who is experienced with this type of cleaning.

Buildings pose a challenge at times due to accessibility restrictions and heights. There are many methods in which a power wash contractor can reach areas from the ground up to about 80 feet. This depends on the contractors experience and the type of contaminants to be removed. It also varies depending on the surface type like glass, metal, vinyl, etc. Also, there are ways to gain accessibility with the use of ladders, man lifts, cranes, etc. Just look for a power wash contractor who knows how to gain access hard to reach areas.

Cost varies from job to job and from contractor to contractor. It helps to work with a career power washer who is experienced with the type of service you require.

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