Pressure Washing Restaurants

Pressure Washing Restaurants

pressure washing restaurants

The Benefits of Pressure Washing for Restaurants

Pressure washing is an essential practice for maintaining the cleanliness and safety of restaurants. By removing grease, dirt, and other contaminants, pressure washing helps to create a more appealing environment for staff and customers. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of pressure washing for restaurants, including the use of hot water, the importance of hiring a professional, and the need for frequent cleaning.

Why Hot Water Pressure Washing is Preferred

When it comes to pressure washing restaurants, hot water is preferred over cold water due to the presence of grease. Hot water helps to cut through the grease, clean deeper, and sanitize the surface. This reduces the need for excessive detergent, which is better for the environment. Overuse of detergent is expensive, and leftover residue can attract more grease and dirt. Hot water is better for breaking down and rinsing away detergent. Fast food restaurants require more frequent cleaning due to high traffic volume. For instance, drive-thrus need frequent cleaning as demonstrated by a picture showing a drive-thru cleaned two weeks prior. Frequent cleaning makes the job easier, quicker, and means less buildup per cleaning.

pressure washing restaurants with hot water
Pressure washing restaurants with hot water

Hiring a Professional vs. DIY

Using a water key is proper protocol
Using a water key is proper protocol

Pressure washing requires a person with management abilities in order to avoid accidents and waste. It takes years of training or a very detailed and safety-oriented person. Therefore, managers and owners are better placed to do it professionally. Doing it yourself puts yourself, your business, employee, and customer at risk. In addition, most insurance policies do not cover pressure washing, and professional equipment requires maintenance and repairs that can be costly. The cost of detergent alone in many cases will pay for the professional service. Add in the risk and labor cost, and you are losing money. Moreover, managers or employees should focus on their roles to avoid impacting production. Therefore, hiring a specialist in pressure washing is crucial, and they will clean after hours while you are closed or during off-peak hours if you have a 24-hour location.

Frequent Cleaning

Dumpster pads and grease bin areas are among the messiest places to clean in a restaurant. Other areas to clean include the building, roof (from greasy hood exhaust), patios, and parking lots or stalls. Frequent cleaning is cheaper on a per cleaning basis, as it can be done much quicker with the right equipment. It is also essential to use proper protocol, such as using a water key, to avoid accidents and ensure efficiency.

pressure washing for restaurants
Restaurant employee texting when he should be pressure washing


In conclusion, pressure washing is crucial for maintaining the cleanliness and safety of restaurants. The use of hot water is preferred, and frequent cleaning is essential to avoid buildup and make cleaning quicker and cheaper. While DIY may seem like a cost-saving measure, hiring a professional is crucial due to the required skills, equipment, and maintenance. By hiring a professional, restaurant owners and managers can have peace of mind knowing that their property is in good hands.

Pressure washing restaurants includes mostly concrete and walking surfaces. Pressure washing these areas is best to do for health and safety reasons. Although clean restaurants are much more appealing for staff and customers alike. Dumpster pads and grease bin areas can be among the messiest places to clean. Other areas to clean include building, roof (from greasy hood exhaust), patios and parking lots or stalls.

Dumpster pad cleaning
Dumpster pad cleaning

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