Sidewalk Cleaning and Gum Removal

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Our clients understand the need for sidewalk cleaning and gum removal for a clean and healthy sidewalk. A sidewalk that can be enjoyed by guests. No matter how subtle the effect of a clean sidewalk, Nashvillians and guests of Nashville appreciate the appeal. They actually take it for granted that establishments will be clean and presentable. Owners, tenants and managers all know that clean sidewalk are more inviting. for a free sidewalk cleaning and gum removal demonstration and proposal.

Dirty sidewalks do carry more germs and allow contaminants to be tracked inside. Unsightly bubble gum is a possible deterrent. Petrified gum can be difficult to remove and will likely leave behind a shadow when removed properly. If removed improperly, permanent damage may occur. for a free sidewalk cleaning and gum removal demonstration and proposal.

Various stains and contaminants will happen and require frequent cleanings as normal maintenance. Soda spills, cigarette ashes, mold, dirt, bacteria and the dreaded bubble gum are just a few of the culprits encountered daily. Depending on amount of traffic and accumulation you may require weekly, monthly or quarterly cleanings. for a free sidewalk cleaning and gum removal demonstration and proposal.

Sidewalk cleaning and gum removal when done properly will be done with the minimum pressure to get the job done. This is to prevent damage. Too much pressure will take away from the cream of the concrete. The cream is the top layer which covers the underlying aggregate (usually limestone). Also, too much pressure will expose any weakness or defects in the concrete. You don’t want that to happen if at all possible. When removing gum there are different ways of doing it. Some common ways you may have seen are with high pressure blasting. This is where the tech uses a concentrated spray pattern of pressure to break the gum loose hydraulically from the concrete. You may have seen small etchings in a sidewalk before that appeared like it had been ground away. This is the result of too much pressure. The proper way is to use heat to melt away and emulsify the gum. To do this requires the correct equipment to generate the right amount of heat and pressure.

Pressure washing a sidewalk is not as easy and quick as it may seem to some folks. During the process dirty water can be sprayed onto windows, trash cans, building siding and more. Care must be taken to ensure these areas remain clean when the job is complete. This can take time to double check and inspect the area near completion. The amount of time depends on the size of the job and amount of obstacles which water spray can come in contact.

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Sidewalk Cleaning and Gum Removal
Sidewalk Cleaning and Gum Removal

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