The longest lasting deck stain

The paint and deck stain industry is huge. You are approached from every direction when you shop for deck stain. Read the label to see how much legal wording is on there. Are you going to do the job yourself? You should read the label just to see all the hoops you have to jump through and all the loopholes in case you don’t. Almost any possible product failure can be blamed on surface preparation. Even if the surface is prepped properly these stains will not last as long as the label says. Contact us anytime.

There are so many deck stains I could not begin to list them all. There are many good stains, but you just can’t as a homeowner expect one to last 30, 10 or even 8 years. Can you even believe a company will claim 30 years (That’s longer than a car finish!) on a deck stain with all the outdoor elements it has to endure? Trust me, don’t believe it and don’t pay extra for such a claim. Contact us anytime.

I get calls every year from people wanting a solution for there 8 year stain that failed the first year. It is likely that the homeowner or applicator made a mistake in this case. Most stain claiming 8 years or more are a coating or film forming stain. Something you have to realize is that no matter how long the coating lasts, it will surely lose it’s luster rather quickly unlike a car which has a much harder finish on top of metal. The wood stain can’t be hard or it will crack and peel from a wood surface. With more pliable coatings the surface may have a shine at first, but will lose it’s luster very soon. Contact us anytime.

One thing’s for sure. You will want to avoid coatings on your wood’s horizontal (Walking) surfaces. These are the ones that expand and contract the most. Also, the traffic will wear through the stain exposing the wood underneath. Was this helpful?

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