What causes a stained deck to flake or peel?

Got a flaky deck?

You’re not the only one! We get a dozen or so calls every year with this problem. The cause could be a few things depending on what type of stain was used. I have found in several cases there were multiple stains used. Number one cause is surface preparation (Or lack of surface preparation), but I would also say product selection can have something to do with it. With some stains it is simply over application or too many coats of product.

There are oil based, water based, oil formulas, film forming, penetrating and hybrids of all kinds. Contents include mineral spirits, alkyd oil, paraffin oil, linseed oil, mineral oil, waxes, pigments, citrus oil, acrylic, latex, co polymers and so on. There are some really complicated mixtures that just don’t work very well and some simple remedies that do.

All in all the biggest deck problem is the guy staining it or the guy selling the stain to the guy staining it. You can look at deck staining like buying insurance. I don’t know much about insurance so I rely on the insurance agent to assist. Problem is… the insurance agent doesn’t know much either. Like anything else you have to search for a good one and when you find em’ keep em’ or you’ll be searching again.

That’s all for now, take care!


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