Roof Wash

Looking for a good do it yourself roof wash?

If you have been searching for the best roof wash there are some things you need to know:

    • Don’t believe everything you find on the internet about roof wash.

  • Roof Cleaning is a skill as much as anything so you will need to do your homework and many small experiments before you commit your time to the job. Even if you have had success in the past this next one could be more difficult.
  • Safety is a big concern. You will need to be aware of all hazards associated with roof cleaning chemicals, equipment and falling from a ladder or roof.


About Roof Wash

There are many companies selling their proprietary roof wash. They all pretty much contain one of a few different ingredients. So several could be basically the same thing. 90% or more of what you find on the internet will not give you instant results if any. Most require you to wait after the next several rainfalls. Some require a close range rinsing of the shingles. Personally I wouldn’t want anything stronger than rain hitting my roof.

For instant results

If you are looking for instant results you will either have to rinse at close range or use a roof cleaner containing sodium hypoclorite aka “liquid bleach”. It is not recommended to do either yourself. Obviously high pressure rinsing will be sure to shorten the life of your roof. Friends of mine would disagree, but I have done testing and am convinced otherwise.

Here is why you won’t find a SH (sodium hypochlorite) roof wash on the internet:

  • It is not economical to ship
  • It is unstable which means it can lose it potency fast leaving you stranded on your roof for hours with little or no results
  • It will harm many types of plants if you douse them in it

If you want my biased opinion……. hire a pro who has washed at least 100 roofs in all temperature conditions in your area of the country.

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