Real Estate Resolutions for the New Year

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Curb appeal / Exterior Cleaning

Soon it will be 2013 and we have been planning for it. We will be preparing to provide a larger volume of exterior cleaning services this year.

Real Estate

Real Estate Agents I have spoken with about exterior cleaning, claim they have buyers lined up, but no properties to sell. The reason is that the available properties are not in condition to be sold. Most sellers and their agent are not experienced enough to know how to properly sell a home. The sellers nor the agents have the resources to make the property salable so they just list it hoping for the best.

Real Estate hits bottom

Investors are looking for a bargain and need to hedge against any further decline in value. They won’t pay higher prices like prior to 2005. Doing what is right when it comes to exterior cleaning and selling a home is counter intuitive for today’s home seller. They don’t understand why they should pump money into something they won’t be around to enjoy after it is sold.

Agent / Seller Relationship

Real Estate Agents need to make their sellers understand by putting themselves in the buyers shoes. If you are an investor, you need to make money on the deal. These are the people who don’t care what condition the property is in. If you are buying the property to live in, you want it move-in ready. You have to realize what move-in ready is for today’s qualified buyer. Like new! That’s what anyone wants to live in, even renters. They have to see themselves in it and if anything looks old it will be a problem.

There’s no “Middle of the Road”.

The importance of “curb appeal”. Think more like “buyer appeal”. You have to appeal to as many buyers as possible. The last thing you want is to get six months into a listing and start second guessing yourself because you didn’t do everything you could. It is easy to beat yourself up at this stage and it feels like you are starting over. I get many people at this stage who are starting over by hiring for exterior cleaning and professionals like this photographer based in Adeliade to give it another go. It is easier for agents and sellers to obsess over the interior while giving little or no priority to the exterior. If you put yourself into a buyers shoes you have to realize the concern for deferred maintenance. Other concerns are that they may not be as familiar with improving exterior areas of the house as with the interior. Most buyers are more comfortable with handling interior problems than with exterior ones.

Do your best and do what is right the first time. This way you will have improved your chances of success exponentially. It is important agents and sellers know the “dos and don’ts” before putting in too much effort for little results.

Find a balance between interior and exterior improvements

Exterior cleaning is one of the greatest things you can do to improve the curb appeal of your property. It needs to be done after the messy contractors like interior guys and landscapers, but before the clean ones like exterior painters and window cleaners. Remember, Total Exterior cleaning can be the best $500 you will ever spend. A clean exterior gives a positive feeling to potential buyers. In contrast a dirty one sends a really negative message and could mean the difference between a “like new” price or a “fixer upper” price.

What’s your opinion of the market ahead?

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