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Roof Restore Outdoor ProWash
George Clarke

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Scope of Work

You filled out the form… Let me tell you what we do. We:

  • Pick up trash
  • Use leaf blower to get rid of loose dirt
  • Wet the area
  • Pressure Wash with surface cleaner
  • remove gum with HOT water
  • squeegee bottom glass

All wash water is controlled using the following as needed:

  • oil socks
  • vacuum recovery
  • sand berms
  • sediment filters
  • drain covers

It is against our policy to allow detergent, oil or sediment to enter into any storm drain. Waste water is never allowed to go off site. This is compliant with the “Clean Water Act of 1972”.


If we are cleaning a building we may use:

  • a man lift
  • brushes
  • extensions
  • detergents
  • long range nozzles

You won’t believe the results achieved by a trained technician!

Take care for now and have a great day!