Soft Washing Frequently Asked Questions

Soft Washing FAQ’s:

Q: What is soft washing?

A: Soft washing is a method of cleaning that uses low-pressure water and a specialized cleaning solution to remove dirt, grime, and stains from various surfaces, including roofs, siding, and more.

Q: What surfaces can be cleaned using soft washing?

A: Soft washing can be used to clean a wide range of surfaces, including roofs, siding, decks, fences, and more.

Q: Is soft washing safe for my property?

A: Yes, soft washing is safe for most types of surfaces when done correctly. Professional soft washing companies use the appropriate pressure and cleaning solutions for each surface to avoid causing damage.

Q: Can soft washing remove stains and grime from my property?

A: Yes, soft washing is an effective way to remove stains, dirt, and grime from various surfaces.

Q: How often should I have my property soft washed?

A: The frequency of soft washing depends on factors such as the type of surface, the location of the property, and the level of debris and growth. Generally, it is recommended to have your property soft washed every 2-3 years.

Q: Is soft washing environmentally friendly?

A: Yes, soft washing is environmentally friendly. It uses biodegradable and eco-friendly cleaning solutions that do not harm the environment.

Q: How much does soft washing cost?

A: The cost of soft washing depends on factors such as the size of the property, the level of dirt and stains, and the complexity of the job. It is recommended that you obtain a quote from a professional soft washing company before hiring them for the job.

Q: Can I soft wash my property myself?

A: It is possible to soft wash your property yourself, but it is not recommended unless you have experience and the appropriate equipment. Improper use of a soft washing system can cause damage to your property or injury to yourself.

Q: How do I choose a professional soft washing company?

A: When choosing a professional soft washing company, it is important to look for a licensed and insured company with a good reputation and experience in the industry. You should also ask for references and a detailed estimate before hiring them for the job.