Roof Cleaning Guarantee

graphic displaying 5 year guarantee

5 Year Roof Cleaning Warranty

We guarantee your roof to be clean. If within three (3) years the mold/algae comes back someone will return and clean it free of charge.  This is because we want you to know we are dedicated to providing you with the highest standard in roof cleaning. If for whatever reason the mold/algae should return between years three (3) and five (5) someone will return to clean it at a reduced cost. Just like a tire company cannot guarantee their tire will last forever, we cannot guarantee your roof will stay clean. We can however guarantee it to be cleaned at or above industry expectations. This offer if you so choose is transferable to new home owner(s) if you should sell. Please make them aware.

Even though you can’t see it the culprit has an ever-increasing presence as time goes on, especially if other neighborhood roofs are not maintained. You have a second and preferred option of having a maintenance treatment performed on your roof every one or two years at a reduced and affordable price. This ensures your roof will be mold/algae free for the remaining life cycle of the roof or until maintenance is¬†interrupted.


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