Commercial Concrete and Building Pressure Washing

Roof Restore Outdoor ProWash’s Commercial Concrete and Building Pressure Washing Service will handle all of your commercial power washing needs. Power Washing can be a difficult task, especially for someone who is untrained and unequipped. Many Commercial Businesses attempt to have power washing done in house, but the lack of knowledge and adequate equipment leave the job incomplete or with poor results and the employee feeling bad about doing a crappy job. A professional job looks better and stays cleaner.

Surfaces we clean include but are not limited to:

Stone Brick Wood Painted Wood
Painted Metal Concrete Plastic Vinyl
Asphalt Composites Stucco Dryvit
Rubber Shingles Glass and More

Some of the surface contaminants we remove are:

grease gum bugs oxidation
dirt mold spills oil
webs rust trash mineral stains

Did you know, you can save as much as 60% or more simply by cleaning at regular intervals? Contaminants are removed quicker and easier when done regularly. Think of that dinner plate that gets washed immediately versus the one that got crusty sitting out over night. It is three times harder to clean and one will be  more reluctant to clean it once that has happened. We recommend intervals based on the amount of traffic and contamination. Which interval do you think will keep your property the cleanest?

Weekly Bi-Weekly Monthly Bi-Monthly
Quarterly Semi-Annaully Annually

People prefer a clean place over a dirty place and that’s a fact! Here are some of those people:

Employees Customers Tenants
Managers Guests Team Members Inspectors

Others good reasons to clean:

Warranty Health Safety
Image Clarity Moral

Avoiding power washing will result in contamination build-up gradually overtime and you may be too busy to notice before it turns into a huge mess. I have seen houses sell in one week due to cleaning and maintenance during a time when other homes sit vacant.


Let us prove to you that by power washing you are maintaining a welcoming environment which your customers, guests, workers, employees, inspectors, tenants and even your boss will appreciate either consciously or subconsciously.