Getting the stains removed from your roof

Ugly Roof Stains

Getting the stains removed from your roof is a great idea and when done properly your shingles are not damaged. The stains, commonly from algae and other organic growth, are alive and quite possibly living off the roofing materials themselves. The growth on your roof can also survive from matter that falls from your trees or dust that travels in the air. The rain will provide the water it needs and it is most likely you will have a fair amount of warm weather. The unsightly stains appear according to the type of organism. The algae is usually very dark in appearance. It will form in streaks or a solid blanket over the entire roof slope. You can get moss which is normally green and fluffy. Lichen is usually round spots and scaly looking. These are just a few common culprits.

Getting the stains removed from your roof

Getting the stains removed from your roof will improve the appearance which is what most people are concerned about. The ugly roof stains give a worn or run down appearance. You may think your roof needs to be replace, but knowing it is only a few years old will be a signal to the contrary. The shingle manufacturer will tell you to have it cleaned because they will know what you are dealing with.

Getting the stains removed from your roof by a pro is the best course of action. Outdoor ProWash has been cleaning roofs since 2004 and has the experience required to do it properly. Contact Outdoor ProWash for roof cleaning in Nashville, TN and nearby areas. We’ll be glad to stop this ugly roof from bothering you and your community.

Side by side roof cleaning comparision

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