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Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning


Welcome and thanks for choosing Outdoor ProWash LLC.


If you chose  roof and/or house washing we use Soft Wash. This is a way of cleaning so we don’t need to use high pressure. The roof algae simply disappears within minutes leaving an invisible residue to be washed away in the rain. In all cases you will get instant results. In some cases for roof cleaning there may be some residue visible, but this is rare and comes off in the rain.

If you chose Concrete Cleaning your concrete will be cleaned using a concrete surface cleaner. The surface cleaner uses rotating high pressure nozzles to clean a path of 20 inches wide at a time. This cleans the concrete deeply, quickly and evenly.

Once we get your cleaning scheduled we will send an email to let you know which day. The cleaning gets done and you come home to a beautiful surprise.

Once you have paid for your voucher and you fill out this form. You agree for the work to be done with no further authorization by you, you further agree that no signature be required when work is complete. You agree that you are authorized to have work done on the property for which you are requesting work be done. You agree there is no deadline for which work must be completed. We may need to contact you, be sure to provide accurate phone number, text or email address where we can get a prompt response. No answer or delayed response could delay your cleaning.

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