Environmentally Friendly

Our environment is all around us. What does it mean to be environmentally friendly? Environment is very inclusive, but most people think it means one thing. You try to step back and look at the bigger picture. How do our actions affect others. When cleaning you almost always have a positive impact to the environment. One exception might be if we washed all the dirt onto your neighbors property. That would not be very nice, but it happens more than you know. It can wash right back onto your property next time it rains. So where does this dirt go when a proper cleaning takes place? The answers is in the dumpster. It must be picked up. It may not be legal to wash it down the drain. The drain may be someone else’s property or even the local municipality. Before you wash dirt into their system you might want to ask permission. Chances are you won’t get the green light because they have rules and regulations prohibiting certain things from being allowed into the drains. It usually excludes everything but water. That includes something as basic as dirt. You see the dirt accumulates in these drains and then the city or maintenance company has to come and clean it out at their expense. Most, if not all chemicals are prohibited.